Health Insurance System

Please find resources explaining how the Western Digital Technologies Health Insurance Association works from its health insurance policies to insurance benefits.

Overview of Health Insurance
This section provides an overview of health insurance policies.
Health Insurance Association Operations
This section introduces how health insurance societies operate.
Insurer and Insured Persons
Health insurance societies consist of employers (companies) and all of you (insured persons).
Insurance Premiums and Standard Monthly Remuneration
This section introduces information about insurance premiums, such as calculation methods, paid by employers and all of you as insured persons.
List of Insurance Benefits
This section lists the insurance benefits provided by the Western Digital Technologies Health Insurance Association.
Healthcare Payment System
This section explains the system for paying medical expenses when under the care of a healthcare provider for an illness or injury.
Receipts and Statements of Medical Expenses
This section explains the details and benefits of receipts and statements for medical expenses.
Expiration of Rights
This section explains the expiration of rights for an insured person to receive health insurance benefits. Please file claim applications as soon as possible.
Elderly Healthcare System (Subsidies/Payments)
This section provides guidance on the out-of-pocket costs of the elderly healthcare system and elderly beneficiaries.
Medical Care Cost Deductions
This section provides information on tax deductions of medical care costs when the amount a person has paid exceeds a certain amount of medical expenses.
Long-term Care Insurance
Long-term care insurance is mandatory for enrollees in the same way as health insurance is. This section brings together information about the long-term care insurance policy and system.
Use of the Individual Number Cardas a Health Insurance Certificate
This section provides guidance on Insured persons have been able to use their individual number card instead of their health insurance card.